Thursday, May 9, 2013

Itching for more...

Well, I haven't posted anything for four weeks, and a strange four weeks it's been!  Because of all the "projects" I did, with so much painting, I developed tendonitis in my elbows, aka Tennis Elbow.  How in the world?  Anyway, doc said to take it easy, it just takes time for it to heal.  You know it's bad when lifting a mug a coffee to your mouth causes pain.  Unfortunately, it's in both elbows; fortunately, one is not as bad as the other; unfortunately, the worse is my right arm (I'm right handed.)  I've felt pretty useless lately.

To fill time and to help prevent that useless feeling as well as save us some mullah, I've begun couponing (it has become my part-time job.)  I discovered there is a huge community of frugal financiers in the world of canny commerce and prudent purchasers of product.  I'm just glad I have a paper cutter because using scissors at this point would be of no use to me (see first paragraph.)  If you are interested in saving this way, I recommend the website that was recommended to me: Couponing is time consuming but can be worth it. I've saved almost 50% on three separate shopping adventures (and believe me, they do become adventures!)

Good news, our Bo-flex has been moved upstairs from the basement where it was collecting much dust, into my son's old room.  My thighs are thankful. Because its quite versatile, I've set it up similar to a rowing machine except the strap goes around behind my hips so that I can use my legs to push against the resistance.  Until my elbows are mended, that will probably be the extent of its use.  Of course sit-ups don't stress elbows either. :o)

It's a beautiful sun-shiny day today, and after all the rain we've had in the last few weeks, it's a very welcome sight. You can practically see the grass growing! The last time we had some real sunshine, I got the urge to purge the yard of pesky privet.  I shouldn't have, but the ole elbows were feeling better, and I did anyway.  I'm not going to today though, because I'm still suffering the consequences of last time.  Re-injurged elbows you wonder? No, I stopped in time to prevent that. Itchy poison ivy is my consequence.  Personally, I think the stuff pounces on me via the faintest whisper of wind.  I'm so careful not to touch it.  And it I see I MAY have accidentally done so, IMMEDIATELY, I go wash thoroughly with ivy wash, dish washing liquid, and anything else I can get my hands on that will get the oil off.  Never seems to help. Cold compresses have become my very good friends. 

Well, I've succeeded in throwing a pity party for myself.  I'll share a couple of blessings from the garden as reward for enduring.

Palest pink peonies...such an ambrosial aroma (Thank you

Purple reticulated iris...if you look closely, you can see a baby praying mantis peeking out from behind the lower right petal.  She's so cute...
"Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts, the whole earth is full of His glory!"  Isaiah 6:3


  1. Thought of you the other day while eating a mango! I got tendonitis a few years back from painting and mudding sheet rock. Ouch! Hope you heal soon friend.

  2. Praying for your poor elbows. I can empathize. All my CFA wiping left me with a sore elbow and a bum hand. I have my days, and when necessary I brace it. Lovely garden shots, my friend. Glad to see you blogging!

  3. Thanks, ladies, for the hope, prayers, and the empathy! So funny you mentioned mangoes, Gayle. I met someone just last week who had never tried one. That always amazes me. I proceeded to explain how its the best tasting fruit out there (in my most emphatic opinion.) I'm glad you enjoyed the garden shots, Pam. I still wish computers had smellovision. Your Thursday Thank Tank inspired me to get back to blogging. ;o)